Glennel Hardy
Glennel Hardy

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I moved to Phoenix in April of 2001.  I enjoy hiking, studying law, and working on photography exhibits.

I’m a mentor by nature. I love to coach and bring the best out of others, either through direct coaching, or by influencing others through leading by example. My goal is to continue to pursue my dream of attending law school.
My passion is photography, which has recently realized a breakthrough by partnering with different local businesses and community organizations. I enjoy running my own professional photography business, and positively influencing others.
The Optimistic One challenges the perspectives of its readers to find purpose and meaning out of any situation that arises.  Through the blog and photography, The Optimistic One guides the reader through triumphs and challenges, bringing the reader to the next level. It does this by showing ways to raise the bar, celebrate the successes, and work together to create a better tomorrow.