Following your vision

Optimism Thought of the Week

Attempting to please others instead of following the vision that has been given to you

Our own vision is similar to an architect with a blueprint of a structure waiting to be built. In our minds and hearts we carry the vision, and our actions that we put forward, makes the vision a reality.

Since our vision is unique, others may or may not understand what the final product will be. In our mind and heart we have already formed a rough draft, of what that vision will look like once its realized.

Instead we may follow the advice of others, just to form an agreement, or to please them, however the vision is jeopardized of not being fulfilled. Others may advise you that it may not work, but not everyone has the same point of view. That is what makes us unique as individuals.

No one else understands the vision more, than the one that owns it. – Glennel Hardy

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