Testing Our True Strength

Optimism Thought of the Week

How do we test our true strength when faced with the heaviest of circumstances?

When we experience certain situations we sometime believe that the burden is too heavy and we give up.

The experiences that we have in life help us to become stronger, and over time it sustains us when we really need it the most. There will be situations that we will face, when it appears our support structure will fall apart.

Using the illustration of the bridge below, we see where the structure of the bridge connects in certain areas. The steel beams run vertical to allow extra weight to come across the bridge.

In our own experiences we obtain a steel beam to help us sustain the heaviness that will come our way. Each time we succeed another beam is put into place.

Over time we become that bridge to others so that they are able to cross the murky waters below. – Glennel Hardy

Photo by Anna Brewer

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