Letting Go

Optimism Thought of the Week

The pain of letting go

I think we can all relate that at some point in life, those things or people we love the most, we have to let them go.

Whether you have been in a relationship that you hoped would have last, or the perfect job that you once had, at some point in our lives everything must come to an end.

The beginning will eventually come to an end, and the end will eventually bring upon a new beginning. In order to continue to grow we must experience new beginnings. People and events in our lives only last for a season.

I have learned that the people and things that were once in my life, carried me through the time that I needed them most. Each experience that we have, lead us to the next chapter.

We must decide when it’s time to let go, and let the new chapter begin. – Glennel Hardy

Photo by Zach Holley

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