Flight Plan

Optimism Thought of the Week

Flight Plan


Generally when we board a plane along with other passengers the plane has a destination point. Before boarding the pilot along with the co-pilot go over the flight plan, and check for storms coming along the way.

With the knowledge of the pre-trip, the pilots are able to determine the way they will approach their destination, and any potential threats along the way.

As the plane departs from the gate and taxiing towards the runway, it waits its turn before taking off. Once it reaches the main runway, it rumbles, and the engines are running full blast, and before you know it, you’re looking at the ground underneath you.

It’s important that each of us have a flight plan, and know where we are headed before we leave the gate. Once we are ready to take off, it’s just us and the ground below us. Remind yourself there will be turbulence, and storms along the way, but always keep your destination in mind. – Glennel Hardy

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