The View

Optimism Thought of the Week

The View

If today was the day in which we hit the reset button and set out for something new, what would that be? What does the perfect view look for you? We often allow others to paint our view, and realize later it becomes distorted. Our view originates from the inside, and is independent from others around us.  We are responsible for our own vision.

Our vision is unique, a gift or talent that is given to us, in which if we can visualize it, there is no doubt that we have the ability to carry it out. Our naysayers can either give us increased power to accelerated growth, or they can be the flat tire that will slow you down.

We must decide what the overall picture would look like. Who will be in your picture, and who has to be removed? 

 Photography Owned and Courtesy of Nick Lerma


  – Glennel Hardy

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