Almost There

Optimism Thought of the Week

Almost There

We never know how close we are to the next checkpoint in our lives.  At times the battle gets harsh and it seems as though it will not let up.  I have found when the battle seems as though it has taken the last breath out of me, at that moment I use all my energy to get up and stand once again.

Since we never know how close we are to the next great thing before us, we have to be very wise in choosing when to call it quits. The greatest things that has occurred in our lives were battles of sacrifice that never came easy, but once we faced them head on and defeated them, victory felt really good.

So you the reader of this blog, you’re almost there. We can’t see what tomorrow will bring, we rely on faith to do that for us. Our faith refers back to the battles we already have overcome, and gives us the courage to face tomorrow.

  – Glennel Hardy

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