Moving Forward With Action

Optimism Thought of the Week

Moving Forward With Action

Text By Zackary Meier

Lately, it’s been far too common to see bad news and let it affect how we perceive the world. If we only resign ourselves to the notion that negativity and conflict are unavoidable; it prevents us from coming up with a solution.   Quite often, the small acts of kindness that are performed go unmentioned yet are the very things that continue to build emotional bridges which connect us as a human race. It is far too easy to see what divides us instead of seeing what unites us. Therefore instead of wasting precious mental energy just talking about what’s wrong with the world, we can instead take action and do something small to change it.

Whenever we hear about something negative we must immediately go out of our way and do something positive. Otherwise, mentioning a problem without offering a solution is just a complaint.

Photograph By Zachary Holley

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