The Power of Now

Optimism Thought of the Week 

The Power of Now 

by Zackary Meier


The power of now. Time will pass whether we like it or not. Ten years can easily evaporate like water in the desert. Some of us are granted the gift of 100 years yet others only require 21. Either way, the universe is completely ambivalent to when we decide is the “perfect” time to do something. Therefore it is a MUST that we utilize the most valuable asset we own; the ability to make a decision and create the ultimate power, which is the power of NOW.  

All too often, we allow ourselves to procrastinate on our own goals and by avoiding the short term pain of diving in and taking that initial first step, and instead we create a much larger pain of looking back on a life with dreams unfulfilled. After all, a goal without action is just a dream. The most efficient way we can make a dream reality is by making a decision and taking action, no matter how small that moves us towards that goals which is composed of much smaller steps. 

 How often have we had a dream vacation or have always wanted to learn something and we use the phrase “one day” or “someday” and unfortunately that turns into “I wish I would have…” It’s up to you.  

No matter our circumstances, we can still exercise our freedom of choice. Choose wisely.   


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