The Power of Silence

Optimism Thought of the Week

The Power of Silence

In a society where everyone has something to say I sometimes wonder, who is left to listen? It’s true that we all have the ability to bring something to the table, and we all have voices in which to share our thoughts and ideas, but when we all do it at once, it becomes chaotic.

The power of silence comes in to allow us to reflect, and to become wiser and to take some good out of chaos. There are some that may fear chaos, while there are some that remain quiet while searching for the greatness in it.

Every action does not require a reaction from us, it does however asks that we can take something away from it.  I have found that I am the most creative, and in-tuned to myself when there is silence.

Consider the ocean and its stillness, walk along the beach during a sunrise and there you will find the power of silence.

Glennel Hardy

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