Fear Has a Weak Spot

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fear Has a Weak Spot

Fear serves an imperative role on our lives.  Most of us would rather not have fear, while others may put fear to the challenge.  Fear can either subtract value from what we already have, or it can increase value and make us stronger.  Fear is a vital element in growth.

When we stare fear in the face we may believe that we are more intimidated, but generally fear is more intimidated of our next move.  When you can stare fear in the face without wavering, you have already put fear on notice.

Fear has a weak spot where many may have not yet seen.  If you can look  fear in the eyes, and take the first step towards it, fear has no choice but to move out of your way.

Glennel Hardy

Photo Courtesy of Evan Curtis

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