The Approach

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Approach

By Glennel Hardy



This past week here in Phoenix as part of our monsoon season we had a pretty severe storm that hit us. Every year around this time we have expectations of the monsoon storms to come our way.  This year however our storms took a different pattern, they started to appear later in the season, and they took different patterns in how they approached the city.

When we take the example of the monsoon, and how the storm approached us it also teaches us in life how storms hit us pretty hard as well.  Our own personal storms generally has no specific time pattern, and can appear at any time, and when it does, it hits us pretty hard.  Even though the storm is powerful and it can be extremely intimidating, we can exercise a different approach on how we face it.

Storms come and go, like our problems that we will come across in our lifetime.  We can’t avoid storms, and likewise we can’t avoid most problems that come along the way.  The action that we can take is how to approach it head on once it heads our direction.

Storms like our problems intensify in the heat of the moment.  After the storm has passed we either gain strength from it, or we never recover.  Our main objective is always to recover, look at our storms head on, and always look for a different approach in how we face it.

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