The Hike

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Hike

By Glennel Hardy

One of my favorite activities that I love to do is hike. Although being asthmatic can sometime be an obstacle as I make my way up, I stay focused on what the view would look like from up above. Yesterday as I began the hike upwards I found it more challenging than usual, as I looked up ahead of me all I could see was steep pavements. I generally would bring my headphones with me, so that I can focus on the music and not my breathing. This particular day I left my headphones behind, so I was forced to change the way I looked at getting to the top.

Instead of being focused on the peak above, I focused more on what was directly ahead of me. It was overwhelming in the beginning to see where I needed to go, but when I stayed focus on what was right before me, I had a “can do attitude.” Along the way I would pace myself, because I was determined I would hike my way to the top. When I could sense my breathing was dense, I simply pulled to the side and continued when it was safe to do so. I finally did make it to the top, and once I arrived the view was amazing.

In our lives as we make our way upwards, the challenge of getting there would seem impossible at  first glance. If you glance at what you need to accomplish, in relation to where you stand today, it would appear to be intimidating. We have to take the first step forward, and focus on the journey and then the destination, becomes our bonus. Each step we take forward, we are one step closer to where we’re supposed to be.

When you begin your hike, pace yourself and admire your surroundings, and then move forward. Along the journey that’s when we become our very best, and where we gain the most endurance. When you do reach the top, never forget the journey as well as those who cheered for you along the way.

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