Recycling Tears for Joy

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, January 03, 2016


Recycling Tears for Joy


By Glennel Hardy

Photo Courtesy of Nick Lerma


Being optimistic can be a challenge depending on where we stand at any moment in life.  I have not always had an optimistic view on life, but through some tears and overcoming some major obstacles, it kind of grew on me.  Tears I found was the beginning of opening myself for something new.  Tears have to take place, I found it’s the only way for the body to cleanse itself, and let everything out.

As we all do I had hope on things to come, the current situation was not ideal, but I always had the ability to dream about tomorrow. My past and the moments I had to endure was a necessary ingredient of my growth for tomorrow. After the tears have left us, we seek joy to help us sustain what comes afterward.

Everything began to turn around in December 2003.  Tears were then recycled to joy, and I started to learn how to turn the most painful moments, into pivotal parts of my life. Everything in our life counts. We do not have the ability to pick and choose what comes towards us, but we do have the ability to decide how we use it in our lives.


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