Running in the Darkness

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, January 17, 2016 

Running in the Darkness


By Glennel L. Hardy

Chief Creative Editor


When we think of those that run in the dark, we may think of those horror movies from the late 90’s where the victim is running and not sure where he/she may be headed.  My story starts late one night in Chicago walking home from work.  I would take my usual route which took me approximately 25 minutes each way. This one particular night someone drove along side of me, and got out of his car and asked for directions.  The next moment I can recall being sprayed in the eye with mace.

At that moment I knew it was time to flee, but I had one major problem I could not see where I was headed.  Each time I would attempt to open my eyes, they would burn and I would immediately have to close them again. I was only one block away from home, and I had to pass under a railroad viaduct to get back safely. I recall running as fast as I my feet could carry me, and it felt as though I was flying in the air. I managed to run into my neighbor’s house for safety, and dodge those that were attempting to rob me.  I survived, and they lost track of me.

This brings me to the point of what each and every one would face when it comes to making our life choices.  At times we have to run in the darkness, and have faith that where we are headed is a safe landing for us.  I have found much success running towards the darkness, then running from it.

Fear has to be hit head on, and once you hit it, fear knows not to come near you again.  Each time we tremble because of the darkness or fear, fear will never leave us.  Hit fear where it hurts.

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