Away From the Weeds

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, February 07, 2016


Away From the Weeds


By Glennel L. Hardy

Chief Creative Editor


My grandmother was an extraordinary gardener who taught me how to garden at a very young age.  I can recall grabbing the garden tools, and chipping away at the dirt and pulling weeds, and roots out of the ground.  My grandma taught me the importance of pulling the entire root of the weeds, so that the weeds would not return. After we removed the weeds by hand, and cultivated the soil, we planted the seed for the tulips to take bloom.

If we use the analogy of the roots of the weeds and the tulips, the roots of the weeds would only have a negative impact on the growth of the tulips.  The roots of the weeds would grab hold of the roots of the tulips, and only attempt to interrupt its growth.  In this life we have plenty of weeds, which will attempt to halt our growth.

It’s very important now to cultivate our land, and surround ourselves with the environment in which we want to eventually become. It’s much more difficult to grow amongst the weeds, than to grow in harmony in an environment that embraces, what we are ready to bring forth.


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