The Cost of Time

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Cost of Time

By Glennel Hardy


It is said to not have regrets as we progress through life, and no matter what keep our eyes on the ball, and continue moving forward.  As I look back over the past twenty years, there was a moment in time, which I didn’t appreciate life as well as I appreciate it today. In fact twenty years ago my vision was limited, and I would have never imagined, attempting to accomplish what I am working on today.

Time is a scarce resource.   We are not certain if we have enough, how much more of it we do have, and if we are using it to the best of its potential. Since we are not sure of how much of it is left, it becomes invaluable, we are not able to put a price on it, a salary cannot even sufficiently come to a term of agreement with it.

Time is now. We have to believe tomorrow is a gift, and is not expected. If we were to start making changes in our lives today, under the impression that tomorrow is a gift, the way we look at life will change dramatically.  We cannot be mistaken that we are rich with time, because as with all resources our quantity is limited.

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