Best of the Worst

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, July 03, 2016 

Best of the Worst 

By Glennel Hardy


I have never had an issue of knocking everything completely down and starting over again from the ground up.  In fact rebuilding myself constantly has been a part of me since I was in high school. It is almost as if I am self-conditioned  to look for deficiencies and discover a way to solve it.  In high school I never went to my prom, I played on the high school basketball team but was terrible at it, and I even had to repeat a grade in grammar school.

It was always said that practice makes perfect, but I found it very hard to apply as I lost complete motivation because of the lack of success.  Since high school I have lived by the motto “best of the worst.” When I think of “best of the worst”, I am acknowledging that I am at ground zero, I am just getting started, and I am starting to find my way.  Before we can become our very best, we have to first become the “best of the worst.”

When we master the art of becoming the “best of the worst”, we never fear shortfalls, we do not have any regrets, and in fact we challenge ourselves to persevere through them. We must live a life in which we must believe that the new chapter starts today, versus the chapter is coming to an end.

The new chapter starts today.

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