Embrace the Unknown

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, September 18, 2016

Embrace the Unknown

By Glennel Hardy

This past week I had to do some soul searching and find ways to adapt to what was in front of me.  Being able to change does take practice for me and this week proved to be no different. While in the moment of frustration I could not get a grasp on what steps I wanted to take next. Once I went home and being in my own element my brain begin to download. I begin to think about the journey that brought me to where I am at today, and if I ever would consider going back to where things once were.

We are all placed at certain times in the most uncomfortable position, where we can feel betrayed, unrecognized and under-appreciated.  I have definitely been to that place, and it’s a tough road to walk, but at the end of the journey, like you will, I persevered. The unknown is a mystery but it does not have to be something we fear, it can be something that we can embrace.

Today we’re bracing the unknown, not knowing what is in front of us, but believing that the chapter is not closing, but a new book begins.


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