Circle of Life

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, March 19, 2017


Circle of Life


By Glennel Hardy



“We never know the true purpose when we meet someone for the first time,

on the impact they will have when life circles around again.” – G. Hardy


In my early twenties while living in Chicago, I had the most unusual encounter with a local artist. Carlos lived pretty close to the neighborhood where I had grown up for most of my twenty-one years.  One night I had the opportunity to observe a mural that he was creating, and it mesmerized me, how confident he was with every effort he placed into the piece.  I could not stay long, but observed him long enough to be positively impacted by his work.  Carlos had just started Columbia College in Chicago studying art and he was off to a great start.

Our ships sailed apart after that night, and I would never run into Carlos again after that point. Fast forward twenty-five years later, while doing some research on the internet about famous photographers, I put in a search for Carlos on the internet.  Not to my surprise I discovered that Carlos had become a well-renowned artist, and that his work could be found in countless galleries both domestic and international.

We both shared the passion of creativity and our time apart only helped us soar to what we were about ready to become.  It’s a fact that those that are in our lives today, will play an essential role in who we will become tomorrow. It’s important to keep those that matter to us close, and never underestimate the impact that someone can have in your life.    


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