Our First Love

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, June 18, 2017


Our First Love


By Glennel Hardy


It has been a while since I have wrote on my blog, and with the completion of school and dedicating my time to work, I have found myself neglecting my passion.  When we successfully complete one milestone, sometimes it can drain your energy so much, that you forget your first love.  My first love of course is photography, along with my next true love which is writing my blog.

One thing about our first love of anything that bring us joy, is that it faithfully waits for our return.  It’s where we can be our most creative self, and it brings the very best out of us. The gifts or talents that we possess is not for us to hold on to, but it’s for us to share with the world around us.  Some may believe that one person can’t make a difference, but we shall never know unless we put our passion to use.







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