“It’s Not Meant For You”

I have not written in a very good while. Since that time some challenging things have occurred that have tested my optimism.  Everything that is worth something at some point should be tested. This will include relationships, our perspectives, and our tolerance levels.   If we are never tested we will never grow and we remain stagnant.  Some may can recall as a child of something you may have wanted at one point in time, but you were told either by another adult or parent that ‘it’s not meant for you.”  Back then as it is today it’s one of the hardest phrases to come to terms with in life.   You truly believe that which is in front of you is meant to be, but to only learn later “it was not meant for you.”

You might become discouraged and you may ask yourself why, and you may ask what could you have done differently.  As painful as it may be at the moment that event allows us the opportunity to move forward to what lies ahead.  We cannot see what is ahead of us, but we must realize the reason why we have come so far today was because of the foundation of “It’s not meant for me” events that we have experienced.  We must remember it’s not the end, it’s only a delay in the signal for what lies ahead for us.  Keep your eye on the end result, and not necessarily on the curves in the road in getting there.


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