Triple Track

Optimism Thought of the Week
Triple Track

We’re all destined in our journey in life to do great things, and to become that in which is far beyond our realm of thinking today. We may look around at those that have traveled the roads before, and wonder “how did they get there?”

We may get to the same destination, however, we may travel on a different track to get there. The journey that one takes is like a train ride, some pleasant, and some bumpy. Both trains arrive at the same destination at different times, but both will have different stories to tell.

The truth of the matter is, there is never a single track to get to a destination, there are always multiple tracks, to bypass the main track. We cannot be discouraged by one’s journey, and say we will never make that trip, we must create our own journey, and create the new track, in order to arrive at our destination.

– Glennel Hardy

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