Moving or Standing Still

Optimism Thought of the Week

Moving or Standing Still

If you ever came across a railroad crossing and a train was approaching from a distance, it was somewhat difficult to determine if either it was moving or if it was standing still.   Furthermore, if it was moving it was even more difficult to determine the velocity in which it was traveling. The signals at the crossing would be our only guide informing us not to proceed. 

Like a train we may come to a point in life that we feel we are not moving at all, it may seem as though we are standing still.  A train is constantly moving, though it appears to be standing still, it’s deceiving to the eye.   In order to change the mindset of standing still, we need to continue to move forward.  Though it may appear that we’re standing still, we never know how close we are in reaching our next checkpoint.

  – Glennel Hardy

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