Optimism Thought of the Week


You ever sometime wonder what drives you and what gives you the passion and the energy to move forward?  When times are rough and it seems as though you are running out of steam, passion is the remedy that solves it.  When we exercise the opportunity to do what we love to do every day, it will never get old, we will thirst for more of it.

Like I have done myself, stepping outside of my comfort zone to follow my passion was not easy.  At one time I failed in writing research papers, photography was a challenge, and mentoring others I could not see myself ever doing.  Passion is growth, passion is patience, and passion can be subject to failure, until we find the perfect ingredient in making it right.

If you’re not following your passion today, passion will stay behind you and on your case until you give in, it almost always wins.  If your days are tough, add a little passion, change the ingredients, if you desire another flavor out of life.

Is today the day in which we enlighten our passion, and we discover the one thing that we really love to do? 

  – Glennel Hardy

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