Road Blocks

Optimism Thought of the Week

Road Blocks

You ever find yourself driving along your regular route either to work or home, and there is a road closure or construction that forces you to change direction? You can either stick it out or wait for traffic to move along, or you can detour and go a different route.

Suppose instead of waiting in traffic you find a different route, and you’re able to continue on with your journey.

Life itself provides us with roadblocks that forces us to make decisions, whether to stay or change the route. If you decide to change your route, you experience something unique, which takes you out of your normal pattern.

Roadblocks in life are designed to take us out of our normal pattern of thinking. When a roadblock appear we may become upset, but it has its set purpose. The roadblock forces us to change direction and take advantage of a different type of outcome.


  – Glennel Hardy


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