Testing Our Resolve

Optimism Thought of the Week

Testing Our Resolve

On multiple occasions throughout our lifetime we find ourselves constantly tested. The testing can be long and painful.  It’s similar to when you’re at the gym, and the muscles if not used on a regular basis, get a strenuous workout period.

The testing process in our life is weight that is pressed against us, but we find the power to persevere through it.   Without the testing we can never determine what we’re ever capable of doing. True strength is tested when there is a force being pushed against us, but we continue to stand.

You’re stronger today because you have been tested at some point within your life. You don’t get tested just once, but you’re tested quite frequently, because we become even stronger, after each test.  At the same time we must remember a test is never given to us, if there is a strong possibility that we will fail.

Glennel Hardy

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