It’s In The Details

Optimism Thought of the Week

It’s In The Details

You ever find yourself in a moment of time where it seems nothing is happening at all, or that things are not going as quickly as you would like them to be?  I have on occasion found myself wanting to speed the show along and get to the final scene, but then later realize the show may have been better if a little more detail was added.

We may find ourselves at certain periods in our lives, in which the show is dragging along, but it’s important to remember the details is what makes life fascinating.  The best things in life are the details, it’s the background setting, it’s what we don’t see that is happening, and that makes everything go smoothly.

In the background details are hard at work, uniqueness designed just for us, and it’s dynamic. When you find that things are not moving along as swiftly, it’s the details that are being added. We can’t sacrifice the details.

Glennel Hardy

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