A Spark

Optimism Thought of the Week

A Spark

By Zackary Meier, Creative Editor


Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves, is ourselves. Quite often we are caught up in the hustle of our everyday lives, that things we have been dreaming of doing or accomplishing, gradually fall to the wayside. A subtle shift in vocabulary can create a ripple effect of lasting change.

Our choices in words reflect how we feel on the inside. A simple example of this is using the two word phrase “I want” before we state the thing we “want” to accomplish or the place we’ve always “wanted” to go.

When we replace the “I wants” with the “I wills,” spectacular things start to happen. Whether it’s something big, or something small, when we profess “I WILL do this…” as opposed to “I want to do this…” amazing things can start to change.

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