Positive Reaction

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, August 15, 2015


Positive Reaction


By Glennel Hardy


While spending a little down time today I found myself turning on Netflix, and watching an episode about the universe. This particular episode focused on comets.  There are trillions of comets in the universe. Some comets are as small as a mile long, while others are the size of Manhattan.  According to NASA comets flow freely throughout the galaxy at normal speed of one million miles per hour.  When the comet approaches the sun, it gains energy doubling its speed and can travel up to two million miles per hour.


The sun energizes the comets allowing it to gain greater speed, and it bounces off the sun’s energy, while other comets would run directly into the sun and explode on contact.  While learning about comets it caused me to ponder upon this analogy.


Like the sun we definitely should have in our life someone that has such a positive reaction on us that it causes us to catapult to our next journey.  Positive energy has become such a limited resource.  Positive energy is something that everyone needs, but it’s in limited supply unless you know where to find it.


If you get to the point and find your energy is low, and it seems like you are just floating in space, find your sun in your atmosphere.



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