The End Result

Optimism Thought of the Week


The End Result


By Glennel Hardy


How often do we ask ourselves “is it worth it”, when we’re faced with what seems like a losing battle?

My very last semester at Arizona State University, I was left with College Algebra, and Statistics, two classes in which I dreaded the most. Since I knew that both classes would present a challenge for me, I took steps in making sure I would be successful in passing both courses. I could not allow the dreadfulness to discourage me, I had to only keep in mind what the end result would look like, walking across the stage at graduation. When you keep your eye on what the end result would look like, you begin to take notice of the steps you take, getting to the end result.

There is a chance that the first several attempts in making anything work, will result in failure. Success and failure is a complicated science, and it can’t be estimated at how many attempts it will take, to get it right. It’s practice. We should celebrate when we succeed, and never fear to hold your head high, when you fail.  Both success and failure are interdependent. We would never truly appreciate our own true strength, if our weakness was never tested.

If the vision remains with us of what the end result may look like, then we must continue to develop a strategy, until we become successful in our endeavor.

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