Forward Thinking

Optimism Thought of the Week

Forward Thinking

By Glennel Hardy


Several years ago I started writing in a journal.  That part of my life had the most turbulence, however I did find time to write my thoughts.  I thought about things as they were that day, and I wrote about what I would love tomorrow to become.  It has given me hope that I could vision something beyond today.


We have the ability to write our own history.  Our life is a story of where we once were, and where we are today.  It’s important to always dream bigger than our current circumstances. In our mind we should constantly daydream of what tomorrow would be like for us.  Today is the totality of events, whether good or bad, but tomorrow we start fresh.


How big is your tomorrow?  If your tomorrow is determined by what happened today, then we miss the opportunity of the beauty of life itself. Allow your tomorrow to have a fresh start, do not hold your tomorrow ransom, by what occurred today.



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