The Signal to Proceed

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, November 15, 2015


The Signal to Proceed


By Glennel Hardy


You ever had an experience in which you acted on a situation too soon? Afterwards it kinds of feel awkward, and then you may wonder what to do next.  In life we are given various opportunities to proceed, but at certain times when we do, it would have been the wrong time to act.

I do believe in life that we are given an abundant of opportunities, some in which may look as though they are one in a lifetime, but later we realize that something is still missing. Every opportunity that comes our way is worth considering, but may not require an action on our part.

There is an inner signal that exist within us, one in which alerts us when to proceed, and when to bypass. The signal within us, not only is aware of what stands before us today, but is also aware of what lies ahead for us tomorrow.

Each signal is an opportunity, it’s either stop and consider, or proceed along your journey.  We must decide once we reach the signal, what will be our next course of action.


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