The Closing of a Chapter

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, November 22, 2015


The Closing of a Chapter


By Glennel Hardy


Over the course of life I have come to realize that either if good or bad, things eventually come to an end.  This is not welcoming news depending on the situation at hand, but it allows for the birth of something new.  If a chapter never closes, you lose the joy and excitement of what else life has to offer.

The closing of a chapter does not mean the very end,  it means the very beginning of a new way to look at things.  If you enjoy reading a particular book, you go through many chapters to get the complete story. Our story is compiled of chapters, and if we remain in the same chapter, the story gets dull.

We’re to look forward to the closing of one chapter, in order to make way for what’s to come. Our chapters in life are neither big nor small, but it’s made just right, for the time that we are fitted into.

Is this your time to close one chapter, and prepare for the next?

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