Being a Visionary

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, December 13, 2015


Being a Visionary


By Glennel Hardy


Most of my friends would describe me as being quiet, creative, could maybe at times even be a little bit weird.  I am quiet when my mind is in motion and I am thinking of things to come, photos to edit, places to see, or finding a new way to inspire others.  I am creative when I can take just one to two hours away from school work, and a full-time job and focus on what I consider to be my talents.  I am weird when I need to break away from it all, and download and just enjoy life and live a little, which is when I catch people off guard.


Overall I am a visionary, I build foundations and skyscrapers in my head, so when the time comes to put them in place, they are ready to go.  One vision I had was to start my master’s degree, although this vision was a long time in planning, it became a reality and now being halfway there, I am building a skyscraper.


What are you building in your mind today, how tall is your skyscraper?  We can’t think small, and be overshadowed by those skyscrapers that surround us.  If you are going to have a vision, make it big, stand within the clouds.

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