Piece of the Puzzle

Optimism Thought of the Week


For Sunday, December 20, 2015


Piece of the Puzzle


By Glennel Hardy


When I was growing up I loved to put jigsaw puzzles together. I would find an area on the floor, and carefully match each of the colors of the puzzle that I could find.  By matching the colors up I found this to be the quickest way to place the pieces together and create the image on the box. At times I would pick a piece that I thought was right for the empty spot, but I realized it was the wrong piece at the wrong time.


Imagine our lives as a jigsaw puzzle. We have a box of hundreds of pieces that we must put together, but each one will play its part at certain points of our life. From the very best managers to the worst of them, from my best of friends to those that vanished, to what I thought would last for seasons, but at a certain point came to an end, were a piece of the puzzle.


Your puzzle when it all comes together, without the many different pieces would not have the image of the beauty that our life represents. Things that happen to us, people that betray us, things we can’t hold on to, are pieces of the puzzle.


The puzzle has many parts, and we can’t be too focused on the one piece that just doesn’t seem to fit, but we have to consider what the complete puzzle would look like, when we put it all together.

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