It Takes Only One Person

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, March 27, 2016 

It Takes Only One Person 

By Glennel Hardy


When I was in my early twenties I attended church one Sunday with my mom, it was a church where we both never attended. I can recall this Sunday so well, because as we listened to one of the  member’s teach Sunday school, she pointed at me and said we need a young person like you to teach us. I had very little experience in speaking in front of a congregation, but the sincerity in her eyes, exemplified she wanted me up there.

Obediently the next Sunday, I went up there and gave it my best shot, and the class listened to me attentively.  Among my class I had from adolescents, to senior citizens.  I survived my first Sunday, and begin teaching every Sunday thereafter until I moved from Chicago. Quite a few members of my original class have since passed away.  As I look back today, I am reminded of the opportunity I had to reach out to them and make an impact.

It taken only person to believe that I had the potential and capability of becoming something that I thought I could never be.  Most of us can contribute our success to one person that truly believed in us, and with their faith in us it taken us to new horizons. That is why it is so important to continue to be the person that we are today, even if it’s just one person that may believe in us.

It only takes one person to see something in us, and when they tell us what they see, that is when we must seize the opportunity to act on it.

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