Keep Climbing

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, April 03, 2016 

Keep Climbing 

By Glennel Hardy

It has taken me a while to get to this point in life where I am now beginning to work on my lifetime goals. I have no regrets that I did not start them sooner, as I believe that timing is everything.  This past week I started  construction on my new website, which was a vision that existed in my head, but had never come to life.  I am going through a stage in life, where I am venturing past familiar territory, exploring new music, and tapping into unrealized creativity.

In order for us to keep climbing we have to step beyond what makes us feel safe, and walk into what scares the heck out of us. Launching a new website, and exposing my creativity scares the heck out of me, you open yourself up to conversation, and you introduce yourself to a brand new audience.

In order to experience something different than what we may have today, let’s get scared together, and go after it.


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