Test Your Might

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, May 29, 2016

Test Your Might

By Glennel Hardy


I took a few moments today and reflected back on times that it seemed like I was down for the count.  It’s those moments of time in which it appears that everything that is not supposed to be happening, all comes in and hits you all at once.  When we do come face to face with these moments, it’s very hard to find meaning, on what it’s meant to teach us.

The one story I do recall was when I was riding my bike as a child, and I fell and scraped myself pretty bad.  I was lying flat on the ground, and thought to myself I would never ride a bike again. Not only is there pain while you’re scraped and bruised, but the thought of it happening once again terrifies us.

We have to rise up once again, and in order to rise you have to dust yourself off, and come at it with a different approach.  This analogy is very similar with our day to day life.  If we fall we change the elements, and we try again and again until we’re successful. If we fall it does not mean that we are weak or incapable, it means we’re closer to finding the right elements in order to make it work.



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