Every Moment Counts

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Monday, June 06, 2016

Every Moment Counts

By Glennel Hardy


Yesterday I said goodbye to a friend who at the very end was fighting for her life. As I stood for a few moments I could not help but think how much her laughter and smile meant to me. I recalled everything from day one, and at the moment it helped bring peace in my heart.  Even when we believe that some moment in time does not matter, down the line we would begin to realize that every moment counts.

You go back in your mind and attempt to play every moment, and you will search the depths of your memory to retrieve whatever you can, to be able to smile once again.  Today counts and if we are able to see tomorrow, that’s a bonus. Tomorrow is not promised, but if you have the opportunity to see it, seize the moment.

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