Take the Next Exit

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Monday, August 01, 2016 

Take the Next Exit 

By Glennel Hardy


Do you ever find yourself driving down the freeway, and you happen to drive by your exit, and it’s too late to take action?  Driving down a freeway is quite similar to opportunities in life in which we do not act upon.  There are multiple opportunities but how do we know for sure which ones to act on, and which opportunities to bypass?

This past week I deeply reflected on what I have accomplished, and what more is left to do.  What we may consider as missed opportunities, could be building up to something that was meant for us to do.  I placed myself in the missed opportunity, and wondered if I had in fact acted upon it, would I have what’s in front of me today.  Would the people that I have now met, would that have been possible?  The joy that I have in life today, if I had acted on any of the missed opportunities, would I enjoy life as much as I do today?

The answer to all of the above is that we would never have the true answer to that question.  The greatest mystery about life is the choices that we make, and based on those choices where does it place us later in life. As we travel further along in life, we do make wiser decisions, and there will be less missed opportunities, based on the knowledge we now possess.

What happens when we do take the next exit, do we dwell on the missed exit, or do we find a new road to where we want to be?

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