What The Olympics Can Teach Us

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, August 07, 2016

What the Olympics Can Teach Us

By Glennel Hardy


When looking back over the past couple of years, I did not find the Olympics as intriguing as I find it today.  Quite a bit has changed over the years, our world has become unstable, and we are running out of solutions on how to solve today’s problems.  This past Friday I was excited for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

During the opening ceremony you have different athletes representing the many different countries around the world.  For that one moment we have unity of many nations coming to one place to compete.  There is no boasting of who is best out of all players, there is just this one moment where the athletes are teaching us a powerful lesson.

The reason why I was so intrigued with watching the Olympics was not because of the different sports and activities, but it was because for that one moment we cheered each other on. Throughout the many sports you see, athletes from a wide diversity of countries are greeting one another, and supporting their colleagues, and even congratulating their competition.   When one athlete falls, another athlete brings them to their feet.

This is what the Olympics teach us, it teaches us unity, and it brings a new meaning to the word globalization, and the strength of mankind.


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