In Between Seasons

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Monday, August 22, 2016

In Between Seasons

By Glennel Hardy


Not too long ago I had to make a decision to leave what I thought was an important chapter in my life, in order to begin a new chapter.  The only thing that concerned me about the new chapter, was that I never knew what the next step would be like.  While the old chapter was coming to an end,  and the new chapter beginning I had down time, or what I like to call “in between seasons.”

When I think of seasons I think of a change of scenery, I think of something in which my heart anticipates, in other words I live for new seasons throughout life.  But “in between seasons,” in my mind I had to visualize on what I was going to focus on next.  My mind constantly populates thoughts throughout the day, but I get to choose which thoughts I would like to implement.

When you’re in between seasons that is the perfect time to get your mind visualizing about what happens next.

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