It’s Your Picture

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, August 28, 2016

It’s Your Picture

By Glennel Hardy


This past week I had the opportunity to participate in my first canvas painting.  The art instructor displayed how the overall picture would look like, and guided us step by step on how we could mirror the image.  In the beginning we had a set of colors to choose from, and with each color she directed us on how much paint to apply. Within the first ten minutes of my painting, my art had taken on a totally different look.  It did not in any way look like the painting she displayed for us.  I begin to get frustrated not understanding why I could not mirror the image.

I kept chugging along and kept painting even though I could not figure out what direction I was going.  It was beginning to get way off course, and that’s when I stopped and pause. I had to step back to see where my creativity was taking me.  The art instructor seen that I was struggling, and she begin to pick out different things in my painting, that I never noticed. She complimented me on the colors, the way that I designed the shapes, and she added value to the painting.  The one thing that really stood out of what she said was “it’s your picture, it does not have to be exactly like the one on display.”

She provided extra pointers to increase the beauty of a painting that I thought was on its way to becoming a disaster.  I accepted her feedback and kept at it, and I was so joyous at the end that I did not give up on the picture that was now in front of me. It was not how I originally pictured it to be, but it was my picture.

Do not give up on your picture.

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