Optimism Thought of the Week

For Saturday, October 08, 2016


By Glennel Hardy


Been thinking quite a bit of a great friend of mine that passed away just a few years back.  Girard had great dreams, and up until a month before he passed away, he shared some of them with me over a birthday dinner.  The celebration of my birthday dinner was slightly late for the month of August, but the conversation that we had, would remain with me for my lifetime.

If I would had known that it would be the last conversation I shared with him, I wondered what would I had done differently, what additional questions would I have asked.  The truth is I didn’t know of the unknown, but when he did pass away, the last conversation we had, continued to play repeatedly in my mind. What Girard taught me was the importance of time, neither of us knew, of how important that conversation would be.

We are not aware of how much time we have left, nor aware of when we will have that final conversation, or what we will leave undone. We can make the most of what we have, and we can share our wisdom with others, knowing that the most meaningful of all lessons is imminent.

We must respect time, as it’s a precious resource and when it’s gone, we will never get it back.

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