I’m Just Getting Started

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, October 09, 2016 

I’m Just Getting Started 

By Glennel Hardy


A question I must ask myself at times when I am most challenged is “Am I done or am I just getting started?” I am now at another intersection of life, where I am at the beginning stages of wrapping up my second degree.  If you were to ask me just three years ago, I would have told you, that I was done.  I was at my most challenging point, I was frustrated and my optimism about life was being put to the test.

I had to ask myself was this it, or was I just beginning to lay the foundation of what was to become my next quest to rise to the occasion.  That point of my life was not the end, it was a decision point on if I was going to continue to build, or begin the process of self-destruct. At the most challenging time in my life, I was just getting started, when I thought I was done.

The challenging point in my life was a gift that frustrated me so much, that it empowered me to build on something that I never knew existed.  Now looking back at the things that I thought would destroy me, they propelled me to things I never knew were just steps ahead of me.

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