A Late Harvest

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, November 06, 2016 

A Late Harvest 

By Glennel Hardy


“When you plant the seed, move out of the way and let it grow.”

 – Glennel Hardy


If anyone were to ask what has been the most dynamic times of my life, I would say it’s being in my forties.   I started late with most of the dreams, I ever wanted to accomplish.  I did not earn my first college degree until my early forties, and I am about ready to wrap up my second degree in my mid-forties.  The desires of growth was always there, but it taken quite a well for the harvest to appear.

When the harvest does appear it not only produces the results in which you envisioned, but it also produces more than you ever did expect.  A healthy harvest in life is finding something that can continue to reproduce for you every year.  We plant the seed which is our dream, and we nourish the crops until it becomes a harvest.  If at this moment you have not fulfilled what you have always dreamed of,  it’s possible that you may have a late harvest.

Once the harvest comes about, let nature takes it course and watch it blossom.



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