Never Chase

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, November 20, 2016

Never Chase

By Glennel Hardy



“If you chase your opponent, you will never get the upper hand.”

– Glennel Hardy

I love to play darts, and one of my favorite games in darts is Cricket.  When playing Cricket, the first person to close out their numbers, can continue to point off of you, until you close the number out, from under your opponent.  At first glance when we realize we are behind, we go after our opponent using every dart that we can. The issue with that strategy is that if you focus on the one number, and continue to miss closing it, your opponent is ready to move on to the next number to close. 

There is a way however to get your opponent to begin to chase after you.  Strategically your opponent may want you to chase after them, while they focus on something else. To get your opponent to chase after you, is to place your focus on a different number on the board.  By focusing on different numbers your chances of closing out your own numbers increases dramatically.

We do not necessarily have to chase after what others have done, but we can start our own path in succeeding.





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