Signal Delay

Optimism Thought of the Week

For Sunday, December 04, 2016

Signal Delay

By Glennel Hardy


“If we were to wait just a little bit longer, will we be able to exceed our expectations?”

– Glennel Hardy


I have had braces now for going on nearly four years. My most recent appointment last Friday was set to determine when the braces were to come off.  On my way to the appointment I was looking forward to hearing the upcoming date, but my orthodontist recommended another follow-up before finalizing the date.  I did understand why he wanted to wait, even though my expectations were to close the deal.

If there is anything that my 40’s have taught me is the importance of not being in such a hurry, but enjoying the times in which I am now living. Yes it would have been wonderful having a set date, but if I have waited nearly four years, what’s the hurt of an additional appointment?  Can our patience actually construct something greater than we ever have imagined?

Patience is the building blocks of something greater than we can ever imagine.  If we insist on getting something quickly and our impatience kicks in, imagine what a little bit more time would have given us.  It’s true the more patience we have the better the results.  If your signal indicates a delay, chances are it’s something being prepared for you greater than you ever imagined.



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