While We Have It

Optimism Thought of the Week 

For Sunday, January 22, 2017 

While We Have It

By Glennel Hardy


Today is the 200th post that has been published on The Optimistic One.  Since the very beginning of its creation, it has taken me from undergraduate through graduate school.  It has been my companion and my source to communicate to my readers over the past few years.  I struggled today on what I should write, but as I continued to ponder this thought came to mind.

It comes a time in our lives when we have a strong desire for an event to quickly pass.  We would just prefer for it to move along quickly, because it’s uncomfortable and it continued to make us weary.  As I began to give this more thought, I took notice of some things in my life I wish I had an opportunity to replay, and perhaps see things differently than I had once before.  

We have something today that may not be the most comfortable, but it will definitely make us an even better person tomorrow.



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